I Will Not Forget – New Single

(WARNING – I’m not going to talk about the song here, its like watching a trailer before the movie, just go ahead and enjoy it by clicking here)

Very brief history for those unaware of the ministry.

‘To Love The Lost’ was my debut ‘CD’ (those disc things that people used to buy) it was released with Kingsway and EMI (now Capitol Records), a few years down the line a new album ‘Jesus Instead’ was released with Integrity.

The last album ‘Praise In My House’ was a kickstarter self funded project with a group of local churches coming together, it got to the top of the UK christian music charts (which means both my Mum and Dad bought a copy), and has since done over 17,000 sales worldwide.

Now I’m pleased to announce the best music I’ve ever made, really excited to be bringing something from my heart to the table that will hopefully bless you… ya’ll.

I’ve actually had a much bigger voice in the production of this single, yep, the producers and I completely disagreed on the sound (I love a particular part, they wince at it, I guess its the marmite moment UK will understand). *A little note here – the producers are great friends who did an amazing job.

All this to say, you’ve been on the journey (most of you) with me and its here for you to download for free. If you’d like to be a part of enabling me to create more, then feel free to choose the option to give. I’ve got a bunch of songs in process that I’d love to see produced and released.

If you would like to hear what I’m talking about follow THIS LINK – you can give nothing or something AND YOU GET TO HEAR THE TRACK NOW.

If you like it, please go out and stream/buy it!